Payment Options

Treatments at Vivant Dental are priced to the British Columbia Dental Association’s suggested fee guide for the current year. Payment is due when services are rendered.

Payment Methods

Vivant Dental accepts most methods of payment: credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and UnionPay), debit cards, and cash. 

Dental Insurance

To make dental care more accessible, Vivant Dental accepts assignment of benefits on insurance plans that allow for this. For these plans, we can submit your claims electronically and directly bill the insurer for the insurance-covered portion of the fees. This reduces your immediate out-of-pocket expenses, so you would only be responsible for the co-payment (patient portion) on the day of service.

 For claims submissions, please provide the name of your insurance provider, policy number, subscriber number, and policy holder’s name and date of birth.


Vivant Dental accepts some government plans, such as the Healthy Kids Program and the First Nation Health Authority  (FNHA) dental plan. 

We will be accepting the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), which is a dental benefit subsidized by Health Canada to make dental care more affordable. Dental coverage will vary with income.  Please note that fees for our services follow the current British Columbia Dental Association’s suggested fee guide, which differs from the CDCP grid. Amounts not covered by the CDCP are due at the time of service.

Financing Plans

We are aware that financial barriers may make access to dental care more challenging. We also know that delaying dental treatment is not always a feasible option. This is why we offer financing (payment plans) administered through Dentalcard, subject to their approval. To learn more, please contact us or visit