Amenities include free coffee at the beverage bar

Coffee Bar

Enjoy the amenities and special touches that we have included to enhance your dental visit at Vivant Dental.  Whether you are relaxing in our waiting room before your appointment, waiting for a family member,  or on your way out, our beverages are on the house!

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Kick back and relax with complimentary Wi-Fi.

To log on to free Wi-Fi, simply enter the password that is written on the wood-burned plaque designed by our talented receptionist Christine.   This plaque is located near the TV in the waiting area.

Patients and their families enjoy free wi-fi at Vivant Dental
Dr. Chow and Dr. Bellusci's kids area at Vivant Dental

Family Friendly Waiting Area

Vivant Dental offers easy street level access, and features a comfortable lounge-style seating area with a dedicated table area just for kids.

Children can enjoy a selection of books, toys and colouring sheets.  Of course, Vivant Dental rewards each trip to the dentist with a toy from the treasure chest at the end of the appointment.


No need to stare at an empty ceiling. With cable TV channels and comfortable wireless headphones, you might even forget that you’re at a dental appointment.  In addition to this, other amenities, such as neck pillows and blankets, are available in the treatment rooms on request.  The staff at Vivant Dental aim to make every visit a positive experience.

Watch cable TV during dental appointments
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